Eco-Citizens Wanted!

Get Involved

Be a changemaker, get involved in the Let’s Secure Zambezi Project, and play an important role in shaping the future of this pristine ecosystem.

We need your help!

By actively involving yourself in Let’s Secure Zambezi, you are contributing to the long-term ecological and economic sustainability of the region. Your involvement is crucial to driving meaningful change and securing the future of our water resources.
Here are a few ways you can get involved and make a difference:

1. Spread Awareness

Share our mission and objectives on social media platforms, attend local community events, or organize awareness campaigns to educate others about the importance of ecosystem restoration and biodiversity management in Zambezi Source Headwaters protection.

2. Volunteer

Join our team of dedicated volunteers. Whether it’s participating in tree planting activities, assisting in the plant nursery, or engaging in wildlife conservation projects, your contribution will help make a difference.

3. Donate

Support our efforts financially by making a donation. Your contributions will go towards establishing the plant nursery, reintroducing indigenous flora and fauna, implementing ecosystem enhancement measures, and monitoring and evaluating the success of our ecosystem restoration program.

4. Become a Partner

If you represent an organization or business interested in collaborating with us, we welcome your partnership. Together, we can work towards sustainable tourism development, livelihood support, and conservation efforts in the Zambezi Headwaters area

5. Community Engagement

Engage directly with the local communities in the Zambezi Headwaters area. By participating in workshops, sharing your expertise, or supporting alternative livelihood initiatives, you can contribute to the well-being of both the ecosystem and the communities that depend on it.

6. Data Collection

We need your expertise on this campaign on community enterprises for alternative livelihood support, long-term management of restored areas for sustainable biodiversity management, and conservation. You can also support the project by helping us conduct or facilitate research, gathering data, and providing insights into best practices for ecosystem restoration, biodiversity management, and sustainable livelihoods in similar contexts.

7. Knowledge Sharing

You can support the documentation of traditional ecological knowledge, impact and remediation needs of the Zambezi Headwaters ecosystem, best practices by sharing experiences and lessons learned for similar landscapes.

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