Let's Secure the

Zambezi River Source

It provides livelihood for many people.

Let's Secure the

Zambezi River!

It gives us the mighty Victoria Falls

Let's Secure the

Zambezi River source!

It is the source of the Kariba Dam

Zambezi Source Restoration Project

Protect Zambia's natural wealth at the river source

The Zambezi Source area is currently listed on Zambia’s tentative list of world heritage properties under UNESCO for its value as the origin of Zambia’s longest and Africa’s fourth longest river and its high plant diversity. It is one of the main centers of plant endemism in Zambia with high species richness (Bingham, 1994) and is registered as an outstanding botanical reserve under the CI section of the International Biological Programme.


The Zambezi River flows through six countries, namely Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola and Mozambique

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Take action and revive, secure and preserve the Zambezi River by being part of the project activities as a donor or volunteer.

The Zambezi River flows over several waterfalls and has Grade V & VI rapids


WWF Zambia, Stanbic Bank Zambia and GIZ in collaboration with government organizations active in the Zambezi Source Area and other stakeholders have developed an initiative for ecosystem restoration.