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Why Secure Zambezi?

The Zambezi Headwaters, the origin of Zambia’s longest river, are crucial for the country’s ecological balance and biodiversity. Home to natural wonders like Victoria Falls and the Kariba Dam, this region faces threats from deforestation, degradation, and climate change. The Let’s Secure Zambezi initiative, led by WWF Zambia, Stanbic Bank Zambia, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC), and others, aims to address these challenges through ecosystem restoration, sustainable tourism, and alternative livelihoods. Protecting the Zambezi Headwaters is vital for sustaining local livelihoods, ensuring food security, and supporting economic development. Joining forces today is essential to secure this ecosystem for future generations and make a positive impact on Zambia’s natural heritage and community well-being.

Conserving the Lifeline and Securing Zambezi's Waters for Future Generations

Dive into our mission to protect the Zambezi, ensuring a sustainable water source for the people and wildlife that depend on it.

Empowering Communities and Collaborative Conservation along the Zambezi.

See how we engage and empower local communities, making them vital partners in our mission to secure the Zambezi’s ecological integrity.

Hands-On Conservation and Volunteer for a Greener Tomorrow.

Experience the joy of hands-on conservation work. Whether planting trees, cleaning waterways, or engaging in community outreach, your efforts contribute directly to a more sustainable future.

Our Reach.

In every action, we see the impact unfold

When organizations and communities join forces, the impact is transformative. Collective efforts amplify the reach and effectiveness of initiatives, creating lasting positive change.

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Secure Zambezi’s future with your support. Send a donation and make a lasting impact today.

What You Can Do

Get Involved

Join the movement, get involved with Let’s Secure Zambezi project, and be the difference Zambezi needs.

Support Our Campaign

Become A Partner

You’re investing in a sustainable future for the Zambezi River and its surrounding communities.

For the well-being of our communities

Collaborative Habitat Rehabilitation
Along the Zambezi

See the landscape rejuvenate as we work together to restore natural habitats,
creating a balanced and harmonious environment along the Zambezi.

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